| Hoosier Horse Fair |


I was volunteering @ the Hoosier Horse Fair today with 3 of my students to raise money for horses and ponies. It was quite an interesting experience and I enjoyed it quite a lot within the chaos (lots of kids and horses/ponies). I have found myself wanting to get back to nature and animals lately and thought it was wonderful to get to see these amazing animals so close.

My favorite image today is this beautiful lady riding her horse. Both of them were having headdresses and the way she was with the horse seems so peaceful and airy. The indoor lighting wasn’t bad, and I have chosen to shoot with back-lit to create more heavenly look.


This is Clyde. A miniature donkey who was in his fence while other ponies giving kids rides. He was very beautiful and kids were all over him to feel his fur. I thought the way he stands was very graceful…


People always want to get out of your way when your lens is pointing at them. This gentleman decided to jump out of my frame because I was photographing this wall. I enjoy a lot on the shapes and lines along with the great textures.


To finish up with two girls with their cowboy boots. Again, great textures on the design and love the dirty floor with shadow.

I want to say a big Thank You to Tom (the owner of the ponies) and Bonnie to give me this opportunity today.

What an amazing experience!


One thought on “| Hoosier Horse Fair |

  1. Wow, I wish I were there. I see horses often here but they are stray. All over the street or someone’s riding them.

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