| Nature |




Let’s slow down today and look around us. Find things that inspire us!


2 thoughts on “| Nature |

  1. The editing on these pictures looks great! I love how the images are simplified but still have very distinct aspects to them. The two also work very well together as a photo set. The caption captures the message perfectly – “look around us.” I like that the two images truly do seem to capture everything from the rooftops of buildings to the ground that we walk on. Beauty is everywhere and I don’t think that is something that many people notice or acknowledge in everyday life.

    • Thank you Kristen for your lovely comment on this two pieces. I am really glad you also have the same take on as me when I posted them. We always live our lives so quickly that we forget about slowing down to appreciate our surroundings. Again, thank you so much for appreciating beauty around us! 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing your work!

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