| Little |



Little escaped from the back door to play on the deck today. Caught the action!




| Met Mr. StormTrooper |






This man does not need introduction. He is one of my best students at school who is very talented in almost everything. In such a young age, Kyle has developed a great sense of humor and knowing how to mingle with people in a creative way. I admire his courage and talent, and knowing he will be very successful soon for what he does.

Check out his photography site!


note: I was on my way doing some grocery shopping with my dragon girls so Little got to meet the famous StormTrooper and sat on the awesome StormTrooper mobile!

| Most Love |

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I promise. This is the last post of dragons.

So… here’s my girls: Cakies ā€“ Baby & Little Cake.

They are half sisters who share similar markings on the face.

ps. They are usually not having black beard. We got Autumn & Sunny visiting in their house… šŸ˜‰ It has been nothing but lots of head bobbing and arm weaving this week.

| Lots of Love for Beardies |



Okay. People who know me as the dragon lady.

IĀ  walk around in the park or track (while my hubby races) with beardies sitting on my shoulder.

So just in case you don’t know, I am deeply in love with bearded dragons.

I try not to make so many images of them but it’s hard to help myself. They are too adorable.

Special thanks to my friend K.D., who is Autumn & Sunny’s mommy, for letting me dragon-sit.