the privilege

Photography cannot be rushed. We always take our time to pre-visualize the image before we make the shot. Often time when it’s done in a hurry, we overlook small details that would make a difference in a photograph, which won’t turn out as pleasing or ’emotional’ (according to my book).

I enjoy making photographs that has emotions to them, it can be sense of affection, despair, grief, love, sorrow, warmth, melancholy, or happiness. It’s not much about capturing someone who is laughing, or ‘seizing the moment’ of that emotion, but more of what we human being are freely to express through how we see things in life. What a wonderful privilege we have to feel what we want to feel when looking into a scene.

I was very blessed to be companied with two great spirits in 2015 Thanksgiving to Sedona, Arizona. Though it was a short journey, it was filled with unspeakable joy. Thank you my love R.R. and O.M, and thank You Lord for placing us in Your creation on earth.

Your creation always heal me.





| Home Home Sweet Home |



Hello all!

I have been gone visiting my dearest family in California the past 3 weeks. It was so nice to see them after almost a year. Things changed a bit from the last time: I have gained another adorable nephew, my other nephew has grown into a little man, my younger sister has graduated from college, my older sister has grown into a perfect mother, and my beloved parents being almost the same but only a few more gray hair on their heads.

From having 3 generations of family in a house, I really see how much hardship to be a parent. I remember I was a problem child once before and I regret how I behaved. My sister said ‘when you see our parents once more, there’s one less chance you’ll be able to see them.’ Time is flying by, we ought to cherish the time being together.

This year, my Dad really work hard at the garden trying to help out the family. It was the fullest garden I have seen, from cabbage, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, beans to some Asian green leafs. My Dad does the growing while my Mom harvests.

Above is my beautiful Mom harvesting some tomatoes and green beans.

Thank you Mom & Dad for being the best parents. Love you eternally.

| Zucchini Leaf |


Taking a break from editing photos by going to my garden. My zucchini is really taking off. There’s one giant zucchini sitting on the ground waiting for me to eat it. 😀 I only planted one this year from the seed, and surprisingly, it is going pretty well by our home.

My passion on growing produces is coming from my dear father. He is planting lots of tomatoes, lettuces greens, zucchinis, squashes at the yard. I cannot wait to see his garden in 5 days!! 🙂

California, here I come!!