Let’s go practice!






I remember it was so windy and I was standing in the middle of the sand storm. It amazed me that in this chaos, the rocks were standing and providing me such a comfort. It reminds me of how we are going through trials in life, each moment makes us stronger while we endure the trails by faith. (James 1:12)

“Blessed is the man who endures trial, because when he has become approved by testing, he will receive the crown of life, which He promised to those who love Him.”

BW always win my heart. For this particular image, I stumbled on making my pick. Perhaps I find both states of experiences showing in these two edits. There’s so much to share, so much to tell…




It was not long ago that we went for a trip up north. It was a bit chilling but manageable. The water was so clear and simple while complimenting with all the emotions the clouds were giving and the beauty of aging rocks. I remember the air was too so clear that we just wanted to breath in more, but yet, keeping it essential, adequate and balance are the keys in life. I dream to return again to partake this beauty once more.