| Little |



Little escaped from the back door to play on the deck today. Caught the action!




| Met Mr. StormTrooper |






This man does not need introduction. He is one of my best students at school who is very talented in almost everything. In such a young age, Kyle has developed a great sense of humor and knowing how to mingle with people in a creative way. I admire his courage and talent, and knowing he will be very successful soon for what he does.

Check out his photography site!


note: I was on my way doing some grocery shopping with my dragon girls so Little got to meet the famous StormTrooper and sat on the awesome StormTrooper mobile!

| Lots of Love for Beardies |



Okay. People who know me as the dragon lady.

I  walk around in the park or track (while my hubby races) with beardies sitting on my shoulder.

So just in case you don’t know, I am deeply in love with bearded dragons.

I try not to make so many images of them but it’s hard to help myself. They are too adorable.

Special thanks to my friend K.D., who is Autumn & Sunny’s mommy, for letting me dragon-sit.